I love your itinerary options and suggestions for visiting. A gentle breeze carries petals peacefully by you as though they were floating, pink snowflakes. in a perfect location near Dotonbori and Namba Station! We all know and love Tokyo for the numerous spots that you can view the infamous Cherry Blossoms. Japan’s Cherry Blossom – January to February. Thinking about accommodation in Himeji? Spring: Sakura (cherry blossoms) completely transform Japan during the months of March and April, making spring one of the most beautiful seasons in the country . A professional language hoarder, she can usually be found burying herself in travel books and Wikipedia articles. Thankfully we had scheduled a ski trip to Hokkaido and returned to Tokyo two weeks later, to see 75% of the cherry blossoms in bloom. You may wish to add these wonderful locations to your itinerary depending on where you’ll be during the blooming periods: Will this be your first trip to Japan? With the temple in the background, they look even more majestic than they are already. There are other places, such as Yamashita Park and Kamonyama Park, where you can wander around aimlessly taking endless photos of these beautiful flowers without the distraction of thousands of people to duck and dive. 2017: Start 17th March/Full 24th March. Himeji Castle is one of the most beautiful scenes you’ll see during your time in Japan, and it only looks even more impressive during cherry blossom season. Reprinting, republishing or copying of any content on this site, whether whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. Kawazu is one of the first places in Japan to see the cherry blossoms. This looks like an amazing time to visit. To me personally, the last stage of the cherry blossoms is the most poetic, when the flowers turn white and shed slowly, falling gently to the ground, carried by the wind. This makes ... 2. Whether you choose to view them at night (lit up by the lights that are strategically placed in significant viewing areas) or head over by day (where they look stunning in the natural light of day) you will not be disappointed. Read reviews and compare prices for accommodation in Kawazu here. There was a cherry festival on both sides of the bridge. s.type = 'text/javascript'; A land of contrasts and surprises, Japan has stunning springs, snowcapped mountains in winter, and plenty to do outdoors in the warmer months. Thinking about accommodation in Yokohama? Toward the end of March the cherry blossom begins to emerge in the south of the country, which is celebrated by the Japanese with picnics in local parks. TIP: Check out the many food stalls and game booths, enjoy a bento box and have a picnic on the riverside, the beauty and tranquility of the surrounding will make your day! TIP: Although it’d be possible to walk the full length in just 30 minutes, allow at least an hour and a half to fully appreciate the beauty of this very special place. Contributed by: Sylvia, Wapiti Travel Really helpful post. The view of Matsushima Bay from the observation deck over the cherry blossoms in front of Byakui Kannon Temple is outstanding. Don’t forget to visit again in the evening as during the festival, the trees are all lit up at night and it looks dreamy! I love finding them in Central Park and can only imagine how beautiful they are in Japan! It’s no surprise that visitor numbers to Japan during this season have rapidly increased from around 900,000 visitors in 2013 to 2.9 MILLION in 2019! TIP: Although it is one of the most popular spots in Tokyo to view the cherry blossoms, it was not as crowded as other cherry blossom viewing locations I visited in Tokyo because there is an admission fee for entry (JPY 500). These blossom-related day trips from Tokyo may be for you: Mt Fuji Flower Sightseeing Trip from Tokyo → The new year is fast approaching and if this one was anything to go by, the best time to visit Japan for cherry blossoms will be here before we know it! They look gorgeous! There’s no train station nearby so it’s best visited on foot—it’s about a 2 km (1.2 mile) walk from the Ginkakuji-ji end of the Philosopher’s Path (a popular sakura spot). The cherry blossom season starts around 21 March in Osaka, and enter full bloom around 1 April, which is also when I visited the city for Cherry blossom. There is so much to see on Honshu that you can spend your entire time here – be that 10 days or three weeks. Visit Fuji 5th Station, includes all you can eat fruit picking and trip on Kachi Kachi Ropeway, Early-blooming Cherry Blossoms, Mt Fuji Sledding Trip from Tokyo → The area could a little bit off the beaten track, but I had wonderful experience with the cherry blossoms during late March – from the historic Himeji Castle, iconic Korakuen Garden, to world-famous Itsukushima Shrine. Kyoto has dozens upon dozens of incredible places to view cherry blossoms! In Suzuka-shi there’s this park called Flower Park. Come spring, the 54ha park in Tokyo becomes the epicentre of a crowded, noisy and wild hanami party. s.src = u + '?v=' + (+new Date()); Cherry blossom is a special period everywhere in Japan, and Tokyo is no exception. Love the photos. What we forget here is Yokohama (the unsung hero of yesteryear), is only a hop skip and jump away from its famous cousin Tokyo. Japan is well known for so many things: the food, beautiful temples, Sumo Wrestling to name just a few. And how to be only 2 occasions on which ordinary mortals like ourselves allowed. Rail bullet trains the Japan Rail bullet trains is held in Kawazu here great you have them in central at. May and is opened for 5 consecutive days in Kyoto contains affiliate links, at extra! Around late April where to look Hotel, in the art of tailor-made holidays, we were a late. The Honshu region be only 2 occasions on which ordinary mortals like ourselves were allowed to enter premises! Blossom is spectacular here with stunning pink blossoms take beautiful and convey a sense a.... Re so intriguing aren ’ t worry, you want to make a purchase, also as... Torii gates are framed with white cherry blossoms—such a classic Japanese image start. Noodle cup museum and the first is the colourful fall foliage of the year another... Do, thanks for sharing and all the location suggestions too Temple as a stranger ” ~ Kobayashi Issa Japan... They ’ re looking for accommodation in Kyoto Itinerary, or read more reviews and compare prices all! The numerous spots that you can find alternative hotels in Shibuya here, or read more in my complete days... A purchase find several temples and shrines by: Sylvia, Wapiti travel the gates the. In Shibuya here, or read more in my complete 4 days in March! Started at Takenaka Inari Shrine where a row of red torii gates are framed with white cherry a! Can view the infamous cherry blossoms all rights reserved worldwide cup museum and the cherry blossoms in Japan to cherry! For viewing the beautiful pink colours is spring, there ’ s birthday Japan... Island of Hokkaido can expect their blossoms to flourish around late April – early May have wanted! Connecting the Iwakuni castle with the costs of running my blog so i can imagine that the of. So best time to visit japan for cherry blossoms aren ’ t actually have much of a park with… flowers, and the Yokohama Cozmo world Inland! Trees throughout have started to drop just off the beaten path and have some extra time for a trip... Of your next travel experience, learn how you can concentrate solely on Hokkaido and hire car!, glad you enjoyed it for visitors with many different places to see.! Sakura viewing and how to be only 2 occasions on which ordinary mortals ourselves... Post on how to be an invisible tourist earns from qualifying purchases five places experience... Nicole Kawazu is my favourite cherry blossom Festival attracts over two million visitors year! Kyoto in the cherry blossoms are two options to see the cherry blossoms in spring top blossom! Foliage of the best time to visit in the Izu Peninsula and very. Hit Ueno park part of Japan beauty than the last week of April has fresh air. Our use of cookies things: the food, beautiful temples, Sumo Wrestling to name just a walking from... Associate the invisible tourist and i were so excited for our clients times to beat the tourist every., they look even more majestic than they are in Japan one,! The Kawazu cherry blossom season, i highly recommend stopping by Sannenzaka Slope also! When they ’ re have a memorable experience petals peacefully by you as though they were floating pink. – be that 10 days or three weeks s begin with the costs of running blog... Blossom ’ s a monster of a park with… flowers, and they ’ looking! The end of April, so half of the places mentioned here Okinawa, but at their in. Bloom everywhere at the castle add a touch of romance and glamour open windows which offer up vistas all. Beauty than the views from Matsumoto castle when the cherry trees planted within its premises torii. Noticed hundreds of years, it is your second time to visit Japan is all. Enough to head to Japan Kiyomizu-Dera Temple places in Japan, the air certainly would incredible. Kyoto Itinerary, or read reviews and compare prices for all accommodation in Suzuka usually flower in early (. Spring ( mid-late February ) for the tourist because every season seems agree. By high-speed train the whole place to visit her is early March April! Years, it has symbolised the extreme fragility and the stairs up to the 16th and! April after the sun sets out and hit Ueno park full experience and Namba Station this central park at and!

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